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Level 1 Certificate in Childcare Studies

  • 24Weeks
  • 1Step


This Level 1 Certificate is purposed to support learners in improving their skills for employment, further and education and training and is designed to provide an introduction to working in the childcare sector. Alongside your study you will be encouraged to build on your employability skills and boosts your confidence for the workplace by doing some voluntary work or work placement at a creche or nursery. The qualifications also contain units to address learning needs in Personal Development, Vocational Support and Literacy and Numeracy. Course modules: 1. Equality & Diversity 2. Supporting Child Development 3. Work Experience 4. Caring for Babies and Young Children 5. Understanding Play for Early Learning 6. Introduction to Developing Language & Communication Skills in Children 0- 5 Years 7. Developing Skills for Listening to Children You will undertake several activities to evidence working in a childcare setting, working cooperatively with others as a team to complete tasks and working on your own initiative with some specific tasks. You must follow instruction when working with others and communicate appropriately if you are experiencing any difficulties, likewise documenting key take away and your overall learning progress. There are no specific requirements for this course but you will be expected to have a good level of English in order to be able to complete the course. An initial assessment will be required upon submission of a registration form.

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